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Revolutionizing 3D LiDAR data processing with automated cloud-based workflow, saving time, reducing costs, and enhancing data accuracy.

Introduction to mining and georeferencing

Mining survey is one of the most difficult and demanding forms of survey, often in tight and enclosed spaces with immense time and resource pressures. GeoSLAM Mining is designed to help optimise your operations, maintaining productivity whilst reducing zero harm targets.

Why Choose Us

Rapid scanning

Slash survey times with easy-to-use technology. Anyone on site can map accurate tunnel profiles, stockpile volumes, pits and caves in minutes.

Specialist design

Your mining tools should help, not hinder, which is why our technology is designed to work in all environments, with ratings up to IP64 level for dust and damp.

Go-anywhere mapping

Our tech is designed to be used in the trickiest of spaces, even where GPS isn’t available. Walk with the handheld or attach it to a trolley, drone or vehicle.

Safety as priority

We help you achieve your zero-harm targets by safely scanning underground, inaccessible and dangerous environments, even remote and hazardous areas.

Express data collection

Whether you need to process data on the go, or in the comfort of your office, our software rapidly creates 3D models, workflows and geo-reference datasets.

Save time and money

Data capture and modelling is up to 10x faster, allowing you to successfully complete projects in minimum time with little or no disruption.

Effortless data capture

The ultimate mobile mapping solutions