Training & Consultancy

Laser scanning is being accepted as a complement or substitute of other technologies such as radar or total stations.

Laser scanning is a very versatile tool that can be used for slope monitoring in open pits, stockpile volume calculations in mining, and asset management, construction verification and 3D modelling in construction. Given the variety of tasks, no laser scanning system fits all applications, meaning there are different segments of equipment, based on range, accuracy, point density and portability.

We will help you acquire the systems that suits your requirements . After that, we will provide the right tools and training for your personnel and getting the results you expect with the right investment.


3D Laser scanning

We will help you with your 3D Laser scanning needs, from project assessment, proofs of concepts, data capture, data processing and analysis.


Mobile mapping

Mobile Mapping is a tool for different applications: Asset Management, BIM/ Digital Engineering, highways mapping, rail mapping, agriculture, forestry and coastal mapping.

We will help you with your needs, assessing the project and helping you find the right tool for the task.

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