There is a growing demand for accurate and up to date 3D models, from surveyors and other professionals such as facilities managers and architects. The demands are even greater in areas with limited GPS coverage and/or difficult access such as inside buildings, and in caves, mines and forests. And for many, mapping the space is time critical.
Considering this, they need tools that enable them to survey an indoor, underground or difficult to access space and within minutes build a highly accurate 3D model, and at the same time, with a user- friendly technology that is easy to install and use, and robust and reliable enough to do the job quickly and accurately.

Geoslam offers robust, easy-to-use solutions that captures and models complex 3D data up to 10 times faster, such as compact, handheld scanners which are highly mobile, simple to operate and can be used by anyone (Geoslam, 2019). Geoslam achieves this by using Lidar sensors, also known as laser scanners.

Caroni is the authorised dealer of Geoslam solutions in Western Australia and South Australia.

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ZEB – Discovery

The Zeb Discovery offers unrivalled flexibility in urban environments. Combining industry leading SLAM technology and high definition imagery with a lightweight backpack solution, the Zeb Discovery can go wherever you can.

GPS functionality places data in real world co-ordinates, making it easy to view in a variety of GIS applications to analyse alongside other sources.

Easily switch your Zeb Horizon between UAV, handheld and backpack configuration thanks to simple clip and go technology.


ZEB – Horizon

Lightweight and rugged, ZEB HORIZON is simple to use, fast to capture and easy to process, so you have the most accurate information you need to make the most important decisions.

With powerful SLAM technology at its heart, the ZEB HORIZON can even be used in remote areas with poor GPS – such as underground or in forest environments.

Go further than ever before with ZEB HORIZON’s range of mounting options, including UAV compatibility.

With a collection rate of 300,000 points per second, and an accurate of 1-3cm, the ZEB HORIZON is suitable for a vast array of applications.

Geoslam Hub

GeoSLAM Hub is a comprehensive software suite that transforms 3D point cloud data into actionable information and valuable deliverables in minutes.

A part of GeoSLAM’s complete solution, GeoSLAM Hub brings together industry-leading SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping) technology with powerful post processing functionality to deliver complete end-to-end solutions.

GeoSLAM Hub is included with hardware solutions and can also be purchased separately.

Geoslam Volumes

GeoSLAM Volumes is an end to end way to calculate stockpile mass, instantly turning stockpile point cloud data into actionable 3D information for quick decision making. This is achieved using the ZEB Horizon, which can be used on foot or with a UAV, and GeoSLAM’s market leading SLAM.

Using lightweight and easy-to-use scanners, the innovative solution can capture and calculate complex data, such as the weight and bulk of stockpiles. GeoSLAM Volumes enables material bulk calculations to be made as frequently as required at all stages of the supply chain without disruption to site activity or compromising employee safety.

Revo RT

ZEB-Revo / Revo RT

Lightweight, handheld laser scanners which are highly mobile, simple to operate and can be used by anyone. Our versatile technology is adaptable to any environment, especially complex and enclosed spaces, without the need for GNSS.

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